Damn Damn Damn

May 18, 2008

i just wrote this long ass blog and since I dont know the phone (the beautiful BT phone Haggis insisted that I don’t need) very well I accidently deleted it. I’m at another rally right now. The boys were smart and put me in charge of something, you know, make me feel important, and it was to collect the times. Well, they told me to go to headquarters to get the results and I came here and haven’t left! haha. So warm in here and I can watch the cars arriving. Last night was fun. We drove down to South East London to this guys house who is in the rally today. I think I was surrounded by some of the nicest and funniest group of guys. We had dinner and then went to a pub where they got drunk and I drank about ten glasses of water. It was pretty funny. We woke up this morning at 5:15. I was doing okay on the drive down here and this morning, I got cold, of course, and went to read the paper in the van and so passed out. I missed breakfast and the start of the rally. It was so nice though. The sun was blaring throug the windscreen and finally felt warmth. Simon sent me to go collect results and I have been in HQ ever since. I asked if they minded if i sat here and they said no. Yay for me!

Greece has been confirmed. I leave thursday by train to go to Haggs mum’s house for 6 days then I fly out of there. I was suppossed to go out on my bday but I may fly out there early. If Haggy can arrange it, i will go with the radio crew to the end of the stages. This week I’m going bathing suit shopping and hopefully get a quick tan. There is no way I will show up day-glo white so i can get burn the second my skin sees sun. I think its a damn good birthday. The results are almost in so I’m off this thing. Hopefully i dont delete it again. My fingers are screaming!


The nicest and funniest group of guys. 🙂

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