May 23, 2008

I’m sitting in Eleanor’s spare bedroom (Haggys mum) and we had a long successful shopping day. I picked up some cute shorts, the brand was called “Hooch” and some ‘trousers’, but i still call them capris. I’m braving the weather up here. Its cold, but since I’m one of them smart people I figured that Scotland would be just as warm as England, forgetting that I’m going up north. I didn’t bring any closed toed shoes, only platforms and thongs. I ran around all day today dressed in a thermal tank top, a quarter sleeve top, but it’s a long top, Volcom sweater and the snowboarding jacket. i had my head tucked under the hoods and then my poor bare feet were in a pair of sandals. I suppose i could just buy a pair of shoes out here. I saw really cute vans that were white with stars all over them… but then i wind up with 3 pairs of shoes not to mention socks that i would have to buy… gosh. so much for packing light! I have two weeks worth of clothes crammed into this itty bitty suitcase. Haggs kept telling me to pack light, it’s going to be hot in Greece, but what about the week I spend in Scotland?! So, I’m going shopping and tanning tomorrow. I really like it. The air is so hot and i start sweating… awwww it feels just like home.

Which reminds me, I’m forgetting what the heat feels like. I forgot what its like to sit in a  car and sweat so bad that my clothes are drenched from driving across town. Now I sit in cars and granted, the heater remains off, but I’m still wearing 4 layers and possibly a sweater or a jacket. I don’t listen to haggs when he talks though because he always tells me “It’s not that cold” and I wind up stealing all his jackets and freezing my poor ass off. So when he tells me “it’s not that cold” I know I will be cold. Apparently Athens is about 85 degrees, so I’m looking forward to some sunshine.

I woke up this morning to miserable, cloudy, rainy weather. God it was horrible. I was so cold, and my bare feet were cold as well. According to the weather man he said it was going to clear up and become sunny. I couldn’t imagine how it could go from being cold and rainy to pleasant, and yet it did. Scotland is proving that it’s not a miserable wet country. There is some sunshine!

I rode a train alone for my first time yesterday. I forgot to blog about it because i actually wrote a journal thing about it while I was on the train and forgot to transfer it over. After i was dating Caleb, I used to have these dreams where i was on a train in England or somewhere and I was going somewhere, but as I looked out the window I saw magnificent green hills and trees and sheep and all things ‘foreign’. It was really bizarre to actually write out in my journal the stuff that I dreamt about so long was actually happening. I was able to ride in style for my first time and I rode First Class, which normally is really expensive but it was only £22.50, which is way cheap by normal standards. I was pretty stoked. The seats were all plushy and comfy and there was so much room it was amazing. None of this cramped stuff where I can barely move around. I was blessed with spider legs, but in a country of smallish people, its a curse. i am starting to recognize where I am on the train from making the trip up to Scotland a few times. I fell asleep at the same part I do every time. I don’t know what it is, but its like this super boring part and I swear they drug the air. The second i see it, my eyes start crossing and my head starts to droop. I don’t know what it is though. then i wake up like i never fell asleep. oh well. So the plan is to take a train up here one of these weekends to pick up the other car so Haggs can start doing whatever boys do.

God, I’m really tired. I can feel it even through my typing. My mind is all over the place and blaaaahhhhhh. I think I’m going to go smoke and then retire. What I like to know is when did I get so old? A day of shopping and then tanning to top it off and I’m so tired I can barely stay up past … wait a minute. its 9:15pm and I was confused since its light out like it is at 5 maybe 6pm. Pretty crazy. On the way back from down south the sun stayed around until 10:45pm and then the dark blue sky was peaking through black clouds. That was eerie driving home. The sky was still light but everything else became so dark. The trees were black, couldn’t even see the leaves and the clouds were a dark gray colour. its odd out here. 

I’m off.


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