First Few Days

April 17, 2008

Day 1.

I was in the plane most of the day. i didn’t fall asleep unitl almost 2 or 3 hours into the journey up the road from Heathrow International which i was really suprised at. Usually as soon as i get off the plane, shocked into how freezing it is and then bundled into a warm car, I am out cold. When we got to the flat it was dark. During the Spring and Winter, the sun is only up for a few hours. I was given a quick tour and then off to bed and I crashed. Jet lag. Ugh.

Day 2.

I woke up at 6:15am. What the hell was I doing up at that hour, I’m still not sure. I had my morning coffee and smoke with Haggis and then he toddled downstairs to go to work and I went upstairs to start my “work.” The night before I dumped everything in the middle of the living room. I went through everything, rearranged some furniture (moved the bed from one room to another and thats about it in the furniture moving.) and put all of our stuff away. I had two suitcases crammed with clothes. Haggis has a ridiculous t-shirt collection so there was hours of clothes folding. I opened every door to let some fresh air in. The place is damp feeling and smelling. We MUST air it out.  U i open the front and back door alternately. If I was to open all the doors at the same time, I would seriously freeze my buns off. The sun is deceptive. That air is COLD.   All the doors have a different key and some doors almost require  a code to unlock the suckers. It sounds silly but when i was trying to unlock the back door, it took a good 20 minutes. The damn thing wouldn’t unlock! Luckily it did before I lost my temper and then wrestled with all the other doors. I found a door off the dining room that went straight down to a dark, cold hole in the ground. The builiding is old (built in 1775) and with my over active imagination, I figured the concrete stairs went down to the the grave of all the people who worked and lived before me. In fact, it goes down to the garage. I accidently left Haggy with no hot water the first day. I’m used to the shower has to be on full before it will even come out. Here, no matter what the water pressure is, the shower will work. The whole bathroom is like seashells! Fantastic. i can continue on with my Cape Cod style of decoration. i’m mentally remomodeling the place and the back yard.  A project that i’m pretty stoked about.

Day 3.

Last night i was able to go to the store (ASDA, walmarts sister) and get cleaners and food, towels… the basics, I cleaned today and boy did this place need it. I woke up early, before the sun came up and did not get up and instead waited for when haggy got up which  was 6:45am. (what am I doing?!) I cleaned out the fridge that we got yesterday and the attacked the kitchen with a scrub brush and heavy duty cleaners. Looks wise, it did not look that dirty but it was filthy. During my cleaning frenzy I managed to short out the main fuse when i tried to turn the cooktop on… luckily Haggy was right below me working and was able to flip the switch. I went up the cement stairs and was waiting for the walls to start talking to me like in those supernatural thrillers. They did not, so disappointing.

The washing machine. These washing machines are not like our luxary ones at home. They are first off, tiny. Maybe… four towels will fit in. The dryer is also in the washer. A combo pack, simiair to shampoo and conditioner ‘all in one bottle.’  At first it spit out a bunch of water, and then I realized it had a leak (An inch of water on the floor sorta tipped me off). I put the dryer to “gentle cycle” and couldn’t figure out why the dryer was taking 3 hours to dry. Come to find out, the dryers out here do not dry completly, they are used as a “fluffer” Oh well. I guess the neighbors can see my undies hanging from the clothes line. Ha.

James, our milkman should be coming tomorrow. I can get milk, (its good milk too, even when its been sitting out for 2 days… it can still be drank without going bad!) cheese and eggs. I’m pretty stoked about that. The milk comes in glass bottles and i feel like i’m living in an old fashioned time era with modern cars.

I hear a car… so I believe that means we are going back to the flat right now. We don’t have internet or phone right now so I’m borrowing Haggy’s boss, Steve’s work computer. Luckily he is… mapping out cars and that gives me a chance to go on. Yea!!!! Pictures and words don’t do it justice what so ever.


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