Flying Solo

May 15, 2008

The cooking here is weird. Half the stuff I’m mixing together I have no clue what it is… or how its supposed to taste. I’m just attempting it and so far some of it has come out the way i expected, or even better like my carrot cake muffins. Others… like the red pepper apple meatballs in sweet n sour sauce… i don’t know how its supposed to taste, nor do i like the taste i have managed to get from it. It needs something and i don’t know what. Then again I didn’t follow the recipe exactly since i used canned tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes and I skipped the courgette since i thought they were large purple things and I don’t see it in the fridge. Not like it missing is really going to matter…. since I don’t know the taste anyway. Well, Haggy can eat it. He liked the ham n cheese muffins from this morning, and I thought they were kinda odd…

I went to the doctor yesterday, shocking i know. I don’t remember the last time i went to the doctor for anything sick related. Well, i got some amoxicillian that has promptly upset my stomach (like usual) but at least the throbbing is down to a dull throbbing in my face… but now I’m having trouble chewing. I don’t know whats going on with my mouth but its a night mare. I hope it goes away soon. I have 5 days left of antibiotics and if they don’t work… I don’t know whats going to happen.

Next week i believe it will be… I’m going for a solo road trip. Kinda. I THINK that i am going to go to Haggy’s mum’s for a week while he galavants in Greece. I do get to be joining him at the end of the week to catch the rally (yes, I’m going to another one even though i SWORE them off for the rest of my existence) and then go out with the team. The tricky part is… well, I’m flying from Scotland to Greece which is about a 5 hour flight. Haggy isn’t going to be able to pick me up from the airport, so I get to wing it. As scary as it sounds, I think it will be fun. I will be armed with a cell phone and money… and a tranlastion book. Just in case. So, the un-worldly travler will have to find herself from the airport to the hotel to the rally. Um, Heather and I get lost in ENGLISH speaking countries with road maps. I can barley find my way out of a paper bag at times. Oh well. Hopefully these people in the hospitatlity profession will be nice. Otherwise there is no telling where I might wind up at. This means though that i have to go bathing suit shopping. Haggy was telling me that the weather is hot hot hot (!!) right now. I could stand to have some hot sunshine right now. After all that then we are driving back, I get to see some countries and what not.


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