Day Two

Today is our 1st anniversary. I’m in France with his mom and he is driving back from Finland.

So i get up this morning nice and early. Had to take a shower, shave and wash my hair. the razors that i thought were shit actually are not. its just that i am constantly cold in England even though i don’t really notice it because my leg hairs grow back as soon as i shave it seems. My legs are still good and i shave wayyyy this morning. Well anyway, i went down stairs for breakfast and i forgot to learn how to ask for anything in French. So the waitress comes up to me and is asking me all sorts of questions and waiting for a response and i have no clue what she said. I just kept my mouth shut, shook my head no and then she wouldn’t let me be! She couldn’t figure out why i didn’t want anything to drink. The only thing i said was, no i have water, and then she got me a glass of water. so it was good then. i had no appetite what so ever but forced down an croissant which was heavenly. it was light and flaky and mmmmm so good. I went to the train station to call haggy and the phones were not working. I went across the street to the phone booth and i was able to call off of that one. Chit chatted with him for a bit and then went in front of the train station to wait for eleanor. I was just thinking i should have grabbed a sweater when the sun suddenly came out full force. It was almost as though the sun could read my thoughts and thought to itself, “You want a sweater you weakling? Think my rays are not strong enough to warm you? Well fine, have some sunshine.”

Boy, did i get sunshine today. I am burnt and have all these dumb lines all over my chest and shoulders from my shirt and bag and whatever else happened to block the sun for a few minutes. Fuuuuuck. I just remembered i forgot to pack a hat. whoops. oh well.

We walk through the old market and stopped to get lunch at a stand. It was called socca and it was so good. MMMMMMMM. Its like a pancake thing that is good with pepper on it. I can’t think right now. I’m exhausted.

So then we walked to the sea and sat there for awhile looking at the beach. The beach actually has smooth flat stones, not sand. But it was packed! There were so many people packed onto the beach and in the water. The water was so pretty. It was called something something azual. so pretty. our plan is to go swimming on thursday. We walked around some more. Drank tons of water. Stopped and sat down often. The sun, my dear lovely friend, exhausted us! After wandering around the town for most of the day we went our separate ways. I had to take another shower. A cold one this time because i was so hot and then grabbed my book and went back to Eleanor’s hotel. We sat out in the garden and read for awhile and then walked around the town in a different way.

We finally were able to sit down at this restaurant that we were eyeing on monday night. We decide to do the salad bar, main course and desert. I was pretty hungry since i haven’t been eating much. (too hot to eat). The salad was interesting. Every thing was cold. Cold potatoes. Cold rice. And some of it i had no clue what it was, but i was trying everything and plopped it on my plate. I don’t know if it really was good or if i was starving but i ate most of it. the main course came out that was beef ravioli with tomato and pesto sauce. i was gobbling away when i bit down on something hard. so i spit it out and continued on. Suddenly my stomach dropped into my knees and threatened to come out my mouth. Uh. My stomach started rumbling and squawking… the kind where it is really upset with you. so i stopped eating and drank a bunch of water. Desert came around and my stomach stopped fussing after all the water. Creme Caramel. it was pretty fucking good. after the 4th bite i couldn’t finish. my stomach was in agony. it started cramping by this point.

We leave the restaurant, i go to Eleanor’s hotel to put some after sun stuff on my stripe arms and shoulders (thanks mr. sun.) and suddenly i had to bolt. i had to leave NOW. so i left, swung by the phone booth to call haggy and my stomach was screaming by this point. I sprinted to the hotel and …

Come to find out that i can make phone calls out of the room with a calling card. thank god. i have been going to dodgy phone booths and it was kinda nerve racking.

I bought a pack of smokes today. Just so i can smoke on my balcony and be “french”. Well, i haven’t smoked for over a week. I thought my stomach had calmed down by this point and once i started smoking i got sick all over again. So. Looks like i won’t be “French” anymore, nor will I ever eat in that restaurant again.

Now, after everything is said and done… I’m hungry again! The thought of food makes my stomach turn over and inside out so I’m not going to eat anything, even though it is rumbling.

On that note, I’m too bed. I’m exhausted, sun burned and have blisters ALL over my feet. on my heels, back of my heels, in between my toes (WTF???) . At least I am hydrated now.

Tomorrow is Monte Carlo/Monaco. Time to see some world famous casinos and realize that i’m a poor ass bitch.


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