May 13, 2008

We had our first BBQ on Saturday that just passed. Partaking in a social atmosphere really made me realize how much I have to be social and go out and have friends. Not that being with Haggy isn’t wonderful, but I still need friends. I have been talking to this girl, Adele, via Myspace. I emailed her when I got out here and we finally met up last night. She brought round some of her friends and Haggy and I met them for tea, and then later we went on to another pub for quiz night. Come to find out, quiz night is very serious to the older folk here. Some people last night were laughing and they got shushed. They were discussing going to the river today and invited me out.

Haggy dropped me off at Adele’s house this morning at 8:45am so he can go to work. After a few hours or so, everyone showed up and we went about an hour north (or something, i was disoriented most of the time) to Devil’s Bridge. Its this old ass bridge that goes over the river. The attraction to this bridge is to jump off the rocks into the river and then hope it doesn’t push you down stream. I opted not to even go in the water, mainly because my bathing suit didn’t match and the fact that even though the sun was WARM it still wasn’t as warm as being at home and I couldn’t bare to bring my white ass somewhere where it MIGHT get chilly. Low and behold, after I looked in the mirror after I got home, I have this totally effed burn on my face. haha. I don’t think someone could pay me enough to jump off a bridge. After wards we went for ice cream at this tiny place on the way home. We got back to “G-Town” and they took me to go find a doctor so i can get the pain in my face fixed. I don’t know what it is. If feels like a sinus infection on the side of my face. It hurts along my jaw (top and bottom) up into my ears and cheekbones and then down into my throat and glands. Whatever it is… its killing me. We finished the day off with a beer! All in all it was a good day, and even better starting to get to know people.


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