Greece and the Superfast

After my blogs and the middle service I took a nap. I had to, I was so exhausted. Flying really makes me tired and then not sleeping really on top of it and then getting up at the butt crack of dawn, even before. Well anyways after my nap we kicked around for a bit longer. Had some lunch, ate some strawberrys, then the last service came in and i don’t think i really did anything. it was only 8 minutes long and I was just too exhausted to bother with it. The driver (which i really wish i could remember his name, but his co driver was danny) came in 5th place, and the boys packed up in record speed and was out of there. We were one of the first to leave actually. Everyone else was still chit chatting and we were out. The only driving i really witnessed was in the taxi on the way to the airport and then on the way to the service area at an ungodly hour. Haggy on the way back took a “side” road and i damn near had a heart attack. the drivers out there are not the best of drivers in the world. You have to be really aggressive with them and let them know whos boss. As we are driving down this narrow road the cars are coming at us head on and since we are not really moving out of their way then they are forced to move out of the way, only at the last second. Then some moron pulls out and we are facing him, front end to front end. One of the guard/cop/security who knows what he was stopped traffic so this guy can reverse and and then go while we just sat there. wow. We get back to the hotel and I’m snapping away. As soon as we park, the hand brake freezes on the van and there is this greek guard who was speaking in broken english to johnny to move. All of a sudden i hear this angry scottish voice who was yelling about. Finally after awhile it was fixed and we hoped on over to the hotel, sucked down a gin and tonic and took a shower. My feet were burnt and i had patches of red where the sun got me. It was warm and clammy so i stayed out of the sun for the most part. Plus i didn’t want to get dehydrated and heat sick for our busy night ahead of us.

That night i managed not to take one picture some how. We wound up getting so drunk. After a dinner of purebread dog food and some more vodka tonics I started chatting to the girl next to me, Kim. Once we got a little tipsy we started talking away. She is a bit shy as well so… after awhile we were not shy at all. I started talking to this other guy, Shawn whom through out our conversation i told him i would see him in turkey to help him refuel, see him in finland where i will make sure haggy does that rally and brings me. Some where along the line i started to speak to the man sitting next to me, who i noticed looked at me often. The whole hotel looked at me. I sound so concited saying that but its true. Either they were not used to blondes (everyone had dark hair) or it was the tattoos. it was something. The other guy said that tattoos are not common in greece, so…

I managed not greet the fellow americans, even though i thought about it, and i sat down at some other table with kim. there was a man from austria and through a drunken haze i could not figure out what the hell he was saying. He kept putting his hand on my leg though and it left me very uncomfortable. But haggy and Phil came and fetched us girls and off to the sea we went. I wore my bathing suit for that purpose to go swimming and next thing i know, all 4 of us have stripped down and were splashing about.

The next morning, after i did my standard of getting sick, we were off to the next stop. I was still drunk and so was haggy. We stunk to high hell with the alcohol pouring out of our pores. I dozed on the way, I tried my hardest to stay awake and it just didn’t work. My eyes were crossing and my vision went double and blurry. I was crunching sand from the night before even though i brushed my teeth. it was a rough go of it. We finally got to where we were going, forgot the name of the port and was waiting for a boat. In the mean time we drank a beer and i came to life. It was SO HOT. All of us were dripping sweat. After making one lap around the boat we ate an ice cream and then off we went to sleep. God it was so nice. We took a nap and then woke up and went to have more beer and dinner. After awhile it was too much and we had to go to sleep. We woke up the next day, ate breakfast, took some pictures and then we were in Italy.


We were driving through the port of Greece, attempting to find a spot to pick up our tickets for the Superfast Ferry. I experienced my first gypsy encounter here.

The ferry we are taking from Greece to Italy.

Greece. Simply magnificant.

Heading towards Italy!


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