Greece: Night One

I’m sitting at the service area bleary eyed and barley awake wondering WTF I’m doing up before the sun is even up. But as I write this the sun is slowly coming up, the blackness of night is giving way to it looks like sunny blue skies. Maybe thats just wishful thinking. Its not light enough to tell.

So, my wonderful journey across to here. It started fine, I was up at 4:11 am (amazing i know) and Eleanor hustled me to the airport. Check in was fine. I had my bag checked all the way through, i didn’t want to bother with that thing. I went off, sucked down a coffee with an extra shot and then got on the plane. Maybe it was excitement, maybe it was the coffee, not sure what it was but my stomach got so upset. I was looking for the barf bag and thought of Moe, and then fought down my naseua and stared at the exit sign for about an hour, the length of the flight. I landed in Heathrow and never have been so happy to get out of the plane. I went for breakfast thinking some food might to do me good and even though i wolfed it down (I was starving!) and even ate baked beans that i usually never eat, i was still hungry. The eggs were kinda weird. I had an omlette but it was almost like fake eggs. they were fluffy, but they had this weird texture to them. then the hashbrowns were litte fried pieces of napkin, thats what it tasted like. Regardless of how lousy my breakfast was i needed food and wasn’t being picky. Speaking of now. I need food now too. Looks like im having a water and nicotine and cookie breakfast! LOL

So i kick around the airport for awhile. I had to go to terminal 2 and it was a nightmare finding and then when i finally found my ticket desk they told me to go to the other ticket desk. At 9:30 when they opened i went to the other ticket desk like they told me, stood in this long ass line only to be informed that i have to stand in this other line that was hideously long. Finally finally FINALLY i get the tickets and go through security and hang around the airport until my flight was ready. As it happened, i went shopping (big suprise here) and came up with some pretty good dvds for not that much money.

I get on the plane and promptly pass out. i was so tired and exhausted. I woke up an hour later, ate lunch (virgin food is much better) and then read the rest of the flight. I get off the flight and go through customs (they are really relaxed here. barley even glanced at passports and didn’t ask the questions heathrow asked all the time) and here i was! After collecting my bag and what not. I was over being tired, excitedness took over and kept me going. I inhaled a cigarette only to find out it was too swampy to smoke. It was hazy when i got out of the airport and hot. But not the same type of hot. It was weird. However i was wearing a white top and it was promptly stuck to my back in a very attractive way. LOL I manage to get into a taxi and had the man my little piece of paper with the address and away we go.

Greece, i have to say, isn’t as impressive of england. When i think of greece its magnificant and so romantic. I’m sure parts of it is, but def not the part i was in. It was like victorville or hesperia. with no mexicans and no cactus. its rather tired looking. Almost slightly spanish. I will take pictures and what not later on. So the taxi man drops me off at the hotel and swindles 5 euros off of me and off i go to the hotel.

Those dizzy little bitches at reception. Haggy went down the night before i got here and gave all my information to the girls, saying i was coming down and have a key ready and an extra bed. i told them that i came to get a key for room 639 and they asked if i was checking in. not thinking i said yes. Well technically i wasn’t checking in, i was just picking up a key. So i filled out this form, and they asked for a credit card. i told them no, im not giving them a credit card because it was supposed to be taken care of already. She had the nerve to get condensending and said maybe he was too busy to do it. BITCH! i went off to the bar and had a very nice strong vodka tonic and then went back to reception and they were no help. i went outside and started looking for them to come back. This is about 8-ish pm. By 10pm he finally showed up, he had a hetic service and it ran late. He sent some of the boys to the hotel room to take me out so im not sitting there and i was out front the whole time. I was LIVID. I lost my patience with the girls and was a typical rude boarish american! LOL

Once Haggy showed up, everything was fine. I dropped my bags in the room and went down to the bar where i managed to down two more vodka tonics and then we went for a walk. I was pretty tipsy and managed to embarrass myself OF COURSE but luckily he let it slide as i attempted to take back what i said.

Moe, i brought you up when he suggested skinny dipping. He tried to change his mind because there was fisherman fishing off the edge of the deck thing, but i stripped down to nothing and went into the water. It was suprisingly warm but after ducking my head under and staying in the water for 10 more minutes i realized it wasn’t so warm. Out we got, sandy and wet into our clothes and then walked back.

Now its 5am- ish and sitting at the service area. Luckily no hang over, just extreme cotton mouth and hunger. I have cookies and water to hold me over, although this bag of crisps may be soon demolished.

The sun is now coming up and there was a large mountain sitting in the darkness that i didn’t realize, cloudless and its warming up. Services are getting set up and i’m pretty fucking exhausted.


How can any one actually drive around here if they are not Greek? Shapes for letters!

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