Its a Doozy!

May 26, 2008

I haven’t seem to have written one of these recently. I have been busy up here at Eleanor’s for the past few days. I arrived on Thursday night and since then… I have been shopping way too much. I will have to just give up my atm card to Haggis and let him run off with it so i stop spending. LOL. I found adorable clothes, picture frames, CHOCOLATE, a mug for mothers day (late, I know, but these things happen sometimes) candles, socks and undies for Mark. i doubt he will enjoy those all that much so i also got him DVDs. I’m just on a shopping mission for some reason. I have been trying to shop for so long I found nothing I liked. Now that I had luck I just went with it.

Yesterday i went to Falkirk which is… i have no idea where it is geographically from here, about 45 minutes away or so. I met Eleanor’s friend, Barbara (smashing female she is) and we went to the Falkirk wheel where its this huge huge MASSIVE thing that twirls boats and sheesh I suck at explaining things. Well anyway we went there and watched the boat twirl in the wheel thing up to the top. Its huge…and it only takes the energy of 8 kettles to boil water. Quite impressive I thought. For a better description, click here. I was with 2 teachers and Barbara gave me the running history of everything. I didn’t have to read all the plaques. Afterwards we went to a nice resturant, On The Wall or Behind The Wall. I was told it was a Mexican resturant and I was expecting burritos and chicken burriots with red sauce and enchilladas and MEXICAN food. It wasn’t like that exactly, but I had chicken fajitas in a sandwhich and it was really good. When i get back down south I’m going to have to make some mexican food. I’m really missing it and I didn’t think I would since I was so sick of it when I left. After that we went to the Callendar House. Its this massive house that looks like it came straight out of “The Others”.  Now its a museum and they rent out the rooms for weddings and confrences and stuff like that.

It get so spooky here at night. I really like to go smoke in the evening but as the sun starts to set over the house sky line, the wind picks up and next thing you know you are freezing your ass off in the dark. The sun has been really warm and it feels so nice warming my face… and toes since that is all that is showing once that damned wind picks up, ruins a pleasant day. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I could never move to Scotland. Well, i think i was lying. Scotland isn’t so bad. I’m getting used to the weather and have braved the past few days in nothing but a flimsy pair of flip flops. Granted, my feet have been little blocks of ice… but it could be worse. I could be running around in skimpy skirts and freezing.

Speaking of shoes, I’m venturing into Glasgow tomorrow to go find a shop called The Office. They have the cutest shoes in the whole damn world and I think im going to break down and buy a pair. Plus it will mean that my toes will be covered and on Wednesday night i will be going out at night (Sex and the City movie followed by a curry) and its cold here, so i justified my shoe buying. Kinda. Whatever. They are cute and I will wear them till they fall apart, like I usually do. I’m taking a bus into Hamilton at 10:30am and then a train into Glasgow. I have to find my way back again. I think I can do it since im getting better about my surroundings. haha. That was a right lie! I will do it because I have to do it. Hopefully I manage to get out of Glasgow shopping area with out doing too much damage to my card.

i was talking to the Haggsters earlier today about arriving this weekend. I was all set to go to the rally but then I thought about it and why in the world would I spend my possible one and only chance in Athens sitting at a rally when I already know that I get bored? I decided to go into the town centre and do some…. shopping and picture taking but then I thought about it some more and I finally decided to lay out on the beach all day. I ran it past Haggis and he said that it sounded like a good idea as well. so that was my plan for a day. Talking with him earlier he said I can tag along with this person called Colin and he is with Rally Radio and goes to the end of the stages and talks to the drivers who have won. So, what I’m doing instead is tagging along with this guy and it will give me a chance to see some parts of Greece and it will give me a chance to see the rally… or the end of it anyway. Haggis says he doesn’t mind, and I think that would be alot of fun. Now im looking forward to it even more. I just have to get through 4 more days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Eleanor. We are getting on fantastic. I’ve warmed up to her alot more over these past few days then I probably would over a year. I’m always really timid and shy around people I don’t know that well. I don’t like to go into their fridge (even though they tell me its okay), and I don’t like to eat their food, and be a nusiance to them. It takes me awhile to be comfortable. I’m like that with my own family… (except my mom), its just how I am and I don’t know why. But i had a talk with myself and told myself that i have to not be like that and just have a go at it. Good thing I did because now I’m completly comfortable with her. She makes dinner and then I clean the kitchen for her (that might be because she has a dishwasher and i’m tickled to death to use one). Its been alot of fun too. We can talk easily and I’m getting to know her and shes getting to know me. Now I’m even more excited to have my family come out here and meet her because of that … thing …. whatever the word is that i have with her now. Geeze, I’m so tired I can barely think.

I have a book to read. Actually 3 new ones that Eleanor loaned me and the one I’m reading right now, and work for Alan and of course my venture into Glasgow, plus going out on Wednesday night and then not sure for Thursday then a quiet night on Friday since im up at 4am Saturday morning because of my 6:30am flight. Ahem. I’m flying to Heathrow and land at 8ish am and will kick around there for 4 hours and then fly off to Athens. I’m really looking forward to going out there and experiencing an experience of a lifetime, but even as I write this I know the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is finally being with Haggy again.

Usually when I’m at home and he takes off to a rally I’m so busy. I’m working 9 or 10 hours when he is gone and then I go out at night and then suffer a hangover half the day the next day and I’m busy. I have so much going on that I don’t have time to miss him as much as I normally would now that I don’t have that much going on. I’m keeping busy, and this book I’m reading is so good, I have found myself lost in it most of the day, but I don’t have the constant distractions of being in my usual place of comfort. So now, I’m the sad girl at home waiting until I can finally see him again. Plus I got so accustomed to seeing him everyday during the day and in the evening that I miss him. Oh well. Four days to go and three books to read. I may be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

Damn. I really want a beer.


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