My Commentary During a 29 Minute Service

Why is it that older men, who are overweight (or with a pot belly) INSIST on strutting around like it’s something the rest of us want to look at? I don’t know why they do that… but it’s not a pretty sight. Luckily, since I’m tired, I can just let my eyes blur and not let it go into focus. However, imagine if I wasn’t tired. As I peek over the top of the laptop there it is again. I will just keep my eyes down for the time being until they put their suits back on and drive away. Makes it sound like I have these over weight men running around with no clothes on! I’m in the service area writing another blog because I won’t remember later and will not have internet later.  

The time is now 10:46am and the boys are getting ready to do another service on the car that was supposed to come in 7 minutes ago. Well, no one seems to mind, so I guess it will get here when it gets here. It’s really neat (Sheesh, such a lame word, but I’m not able to think outside the box today) how … maybe impressive would be a better word… anyway of the level of tension that starts when the boys know the car is coming in. I’ve never paid attention to it before or it wasn’t as serious as this one. They get everything ready and start pacing around in circles and get their mechanical suits on and their gloves and their super attractive ankle bracelets  that are a fluorescent orange. Then they pace. And stand. Have what I think of is nervous chatter but it could be cool calm and collected chatter. Then they pace some more. Then they stand still. I’m watching Johnny and Haggy right now. Haggy put on this fabulous white cloth around his forehead straight up karate kid style. He has little tufts of hair sticking up on the top of his head since his hair is so long. LMAO. Now they are moving the fence so the car can come in. Re-adjusting tools they have already fiddled with. The whole area seems to come to life. All the napping boys are now ready to go. Oh, and they all have their white gloves on, like in Mario Brothers. Checking the time, pacing around, twiddling with stuff. And here I am, sitting on my ass, typing away  about what they are doing. One car is driving up, and it’s the wrong car. The boys are now adjusting their gloves and tools again, pacing around with their hands on their hips. The tension seems to be mounting, or maybe its just my anxiousness for them to get started.  Damnit! I looked up and he is still wearing his suit half way on. Okay, we are good now, he put it on and is… I’m not sure what he is doing as long as he is covered. ha.

So now there is this older gentleman with a young child inspecting the car. They look enthralled, pointing at it and watching Johnny closely. His hair is something else too. He is obviously going bald on the top of his heed (ha) and he just let the few strands he has left grow all long. It stands straight up.

Okay, back to the service area. They have 29 minutes to do whatever they have to do. It is impressive with the way they run around and hop over things and put the car up on its hinge things. Much more exciting then usual. There is a crowd of people starting to form around the gates, and probably children who love cars, since there is a little boy no older than 7 watching with an awed expression on his face. shit. he just caught me looking at him.  Shit the old man that had the hair is looking too. God, what is with these people? they should be watching the cars! okay good, he just walked away. Now they are enthralled with the quick service performance the engine people are doing. So far there are 3 guys under the car and one on each side. No clue what they are doing, but they are doing it frantically. The little boy is back to staring at them awestruck. It smells like burning rubber. Or sautering probably. it makes me naseous. Good thing Haggy wore underpants today. With the way he’s laying the kid who is watching would have a clear shot up his shorts. LOL

Now the camera man is here taking pictures while they work. I didn’t know they could walk into the service area. I would assume i would get in the way, when they are running about, but he seems to be staying towards the edge and … he has a nice zoom lens though, so he probably could stay away. I just remembered that I’m a long way from home. I kinda forgot with the sunshine. Then i heard the language and remembered. The crowd got a bit thicker now. Not one person speaks english, so i have no idea if they are looking up haggys shorts and making comments.  The kid is now sitting on the ground and is just staring at them. He is so interested! Its actually really cute. Its funny though because most of the grown men are staring at it in the same way. All 5 guys are under the hood. If i had 5 guys under MY hood…. LOL I’m getting punchy. Aw, the poor boys, their faces are turning bright red and sweaty. Shoot, i just caught myself staring off into space. Pfst. What type of action packed observer am I?? Geeze, that guy REALLY has to do something with his hair. I just want to hop over the fence and attack it with a pair of scissors. then that means i have to touch him… maybe not. its kinda disturbing. yech. poor old man, just came to look at cars and hes getting blasted about because of his hair. oh well. its his deal for having it. There is a new kid even more entracnced then the other kid. he has a suburau baseball hat on and he is leaning on the fence that surrounds the service area. he is watching big eyed as the boys hop around and pull stuff off the car. He dosen’t even know which way to look. He def isn’t looking up haggys shorts. Oh wow, i wasn’t paying attention to the boys anymore, i was looking at the crowd surrounding them. The tires are back on so they fixed what ever they were trying to fix apparantly. The driver is next to me and i think i should really move so he can have the cameras shoved in his face, but then I would have to move the laptop as well so i can continue with my running commentary on the whole thing. He hasn’t asked me to move yet… okay good. they walked away so i can continue to write about them without their knowledge. haha. This is actually alot of fun. I can write commentaries every time. Its mostly for my own pleasure, and whomever chooses to read it, but… when i read back on it i will remember and laugh. there is no way i can forget that guys hair! LOL. the car is almost done… they have 5 minutes left. it looks like they are just giving the girl a good bath. well, just washing the windows anyway. and the top. maybe for that aerial view, has to have a clean roof on her. Damn, the sun is gone. and the wind has picked up a bit. Not too many people standing around except … uh… the camera dude is still here and some other random person who is behind me and just walked away. good. he was kinda creepy. Myabe because im a judgemental bitch, but thats a whole other blog. The tizy the boys were in is fading. They are alot more relaxed and not running around as if their hinnies are on fire. I understand its part of the job and they have to work hard… but i call it as i see it. Now the car is getting a leisure wipe down, the fence is moved again for it to leave and they have one minute to go before the service is done. the driver and co driver are in the car and off they go!

Edit:10 years later and I still remember that guy’s hair! 


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