Night About Town

June 22, 2008

So, after a rough few weeks we are going out for a night out on the town. The first night out in Preston actually. 3 couples and some single but in a relationship people later we head out. We meet some other people at a bar in town, “the cheap drink bar” where i start out with vodka tonic. There was a hen party and we managed to see them at every bar we went to. Some drunk moron managed to throw a glass of beer over to where we were sitting and soaked haggys jacket and some other people at the table. I’m still confused on how it managed to get to out table. Oh well. the guy mumbled a drunk apology and explanation but for the life of me i had no clue what he was saying.

We left and went to the next bar. it was a swanky bar with high tables and low couches and pink accent lights everywhere. I did my first shot since i have been here… Jager Bomb. Luckily i can still put them down without stopping in the middle which i was really worried about. So Rachel and i did a Jager Bomb, her first, but i think she enjoyed it. We stayed at that bar for a bit and then we mosied on over to … um… i think by this time we were heading to … oh yeah we had a short walk to another bar club thing and along the way it started raining.

I spent HOURS (or actually an hour) getting my hair to cooperate. I finally was able to tease it and wear big hair and heavy dark makeup. So i was slightly worried about my hair going flat. less than 5 minutes later its pouring. Hard pouring rain where the sidewalk and the street is full of puddles. We are running down the street, I’m trying to protect my bag so nothing gets wet or falls out and running on uneven cobblestone roads in heels when i haven’t worn heels for months. Along the way there is a small shelter place where we duck into and i literally ring out my hair, it has so much water in it. I’m soaked to the bone, my pants (sorry, trousers. pants are undies) are being pulled down with so much water weight, my jacket is soaked. I’m SOPPING wet. We take some pictures of the poor drowned rat and then off we go. I’m attempting to run again to get to this place when i realized I was very close to falling off my shoes and breaking my ankle. i took them off and booked it through the street to the next stop. We finally get there and we are all soaked. Garret is wearing a white shirt and it went completly see through (good thing i didn’t wear white like i was thinking about!) haggys hair that was perfectly done up in a good mohawk spike was curling and flat. My make up was fucked. Brian managed to slip and fall during our trek over. We finally get in and it was packed… and leaking. there were these huge blue trashcans catching the water that was leaking in the building. Luckily we were right at home then. I met this chick in the bathroom and she noticed that i am american and she kept asking me to “speak” and then would do a little happy dance and laugh when i did. She kept gushing to me, “I love your accent. Say something else.” and then i would say something and then she would exclaim, “I heard it! I love it!” it was really funny. Now i know what i look like when foreigners come to california and i ask them to speak to me. so after we drink another drink, (way too sweet. it wasn’t only vodka tonic. they threw in some sweet crap in in) we went off to the warehouse.

The Warehouse. This place was pretty good. It had 3 floors (where the bartender didn’t understand me. ha.) and all indie and rock was playing. I think 80’s was on the top floor. By this time i was rather tipsy. I was still wet. Actually when i think about it i don’t remember leaving the other bar to the warehouse. I do remember going to the warehouse and digging in my wee bag to find coins to pay to get in. eh well, anyways. We went in, by this time Eddie and Fiona had left. And Brian left too. It was down to haggy, claire, rachel and garret. blah blah blah. the warehouse was fun. it was hot though and the fog smoke stuff made it so you could barley see a foot in front of you. it was fun though. I got to talking to this chick in the bathroom and she was telling me about a place that stays open late after the warehouse closes. it closed at 2:30am which is still later than at home which was nice. The loft apparantly stays open till 4am but plays nothing but house music and then dogs or something like that stays open late too. Claire decided she wanted to go home so we all left. On the way back there was this poor guy laying in the middle of the sidewalk with his jeans falling off and was drunk as fuck. Poor guy. A few people picked him up and shoved him in a cab so he wouldn’t get lifted. He probably did not feel well this morning. We all got in a cab and went back to rachel and brians.

All in all it was a good fun night. it was so nice to go out and meet people and not be anywhere near a rally or cars or anything like that. It was good to have a laugh.

there are a few things i learned though.

1. Don’t bother doing your hair. Most likely it will get smothered by a hat or in my case get caught in a rain storm and have it go flat and wet instantly.

2. Always bring makeup with you to touch it up especially after being rained on. i had black smeared all over my eyes and my mascara was being smeared onto my face from the water drops. Maybe i should have used waterproof.

3. Its one thing to run around in heels at home where the streets and sidewalks are smooth. Out here, there are cobblestones and the road is constantly uneven and bumpy. I nearly fell off my shoe so many times. I finally decided to take the damn things off. I would rather risk glass in my foot than a snapped ankle.

4. An umbrella is a MUST.

5. Englands Mexican food is not the same as California’s Mexican food.

6. They don’t sell cheetos. damn.

7. The bars stay open later so its fantastic because then we get to literally “drink the night away.”


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