“Oi Oi Oi”

May 16, 2008

My eyes are finally somewhat dry, but I have a feeling I will start crying from sheer laughter while I write this. Awhile ago, when we were looking for internet, phone and tv I suggested the company Sky because they do a package deal. Haggy told me to go with BT, so when I set up the phone and internet they offered me a special of BT anywhere (cell phone which does not work up here) and TV. So I agreed, since it seems like a good deal. I remember telling him about it, I even wrote it down. I forgot about the digital cable box because I figured it wasn’t coming until May 20th. apparently it came in the mail a few days ago and our neighbors gave it to Haggy this morning. He left for work and I was still sleeping, well, I was awake but not up yet. I had already gotten up at like 4am because SOMEONE stole the whole bed and practically shoved me out. So once he got up and left I went back to being comfy. He comes back in carrying this huge box and started the “Oi!” stuff with me that he usually only uses when he’s trying to let someone know they have done something wrong. He asked what it was and I turned my face around because I was laughing my ASS off. I got up with him after he demanded to know what the box was, and why didn’t I tell him and what else is coming in the mail. Like I ordered anything else. I did think about ordering a dishwasher on my atm card and having it delivered, but I didn’t DARE tell him that. LOL He asked me how many months contract I had got us stuck into and I put my head down. He thought I was dodging him, but in fact I was laughing so hard I was crying. I finally gasped out 36 months and he had a complete full-blown conniption fit. It was so FUNNY! Finally he realized I was laughing and I wasn’t serious it was only 18 months. I told him he can finally have Top Gear, but, I guess we get it on regular tv. Whoops. He wasn’t too pleased but he finally admitted that, yes, he faintly remembers me mentioning it. I know I told him. Like I said i even wrote it down and he read the sticky note. What a laugh. Now I have to start working for Alan, and he is going to make sure I spend all my time working for him to help pay for everything I just ordered. I was simply getting out of the dark ages. If I’m going to be trapped up here with virtually nothing to do then at least I have some good telly to watch as well. LMFAO. i don’t think he will see it that way.


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