April 20, 2008

I’m in Scotland right now at Haggy’s mum’s house. It is FREEZING. I was getting used to the warm sunshine that greeted me every morning in England, but this cold weather up here… for April at that! I have decided… I can not (or read: will not) move any more north than I am right now. Maybe in a while like ten years or 20 after i get used to it, but not any time soon. Just too cold for my delicate desert bones.

I went to a rally yesterday. Brian, Haggis and I drove up to Brian’s dad’s house in Scotland. For some reason i was super tired and fell asleep in the van and then again at his parents house. 8:30pm I was out. Probably boredom. We wake up the next morning bright and early which as I mentioned before I’m on some goofy get-up-early schedule right now and when I went outside…blustery freezing cold. We drove to the airfield where the rally was taking place and I decided then and there that i was NOT getting out of the van. I was wearing layers… a thermal, t shirt, sweater, snowboarding jacket, scarf, over the knee socks, mittens, hat and a hood and I was not cold. In fairness as the day wore on it did slightly warm up once the sun peeked through the black rain clouds. Sorry, the “very dark gray rain clouds” (As Haggis calls them.) Yesterday the sky looked as though a torrental down pour was going to happen any second. The wind is what got to me; out here is like having someone dump ice water over you evenly without the left over water feeling.

Back to the rally. I always thought i enjoyed them, I like watching them on TV and had a ball at X-Games, but when it came down to it, I don’t think I like the nitty-gritty details of it. I like the finished product of watching it, not sitting in the van because it is too cold to leave and being by myself for the better part of 12 hours.

We got there at 7am and then the set up took place then the getting everything ready. The boys left to map out the track and came back. More prep was being done. The rally started around 9am. The first stage was exciting. I had been sitting in the van reading so it was nice to get out. I quickly learned:

a. there is nothing to see while you stand out side in the wind freezing your ass off and b. its too damn cold! so i managed to stay in the van for most of the day.

Smoking took a backseat to my reading plans. I was cold and bored off my ass. If i had someone there with me I’m sure it would have been more fun. I would have been able to talk to someone… or whatever.

Haggis set it up that I would help out with the signing in but I refrained because well, for the obvious part, I don’t really understand the accent. I don’t know how patient the competitors would have been with an American girl asking them to repeat themselves because I don’t understand in their country. The Scottish are proud of where they came from and are not fond of outsiders, no matter how nice I think I may be.  I have never been more aware of my accent. I don’t even like to talk to people because of it. I mean naturally I do talk to people, but its minimal. “One coffee with milk only please” is what my speech was limited to yesterday.

The boys came in 4th place only because some goober lost his tires and Brian had to stop and let the marshalls (guys or gals who stand around and keep the track clear) come out and clear away the tires. They lost 20 seconds on that and only needed 5 seconds to beat the other person to come in 3rd place. They were disappointed, but, still 4th place is good, its better than last or even 6th place because then you moved onto the other hand.

All in all, I have discovered that rallying really isn’t my thing. Unless there is a place where i can watch the whole rally take place like..  in stadium or something when we watched the dog races. Or there is someone with me that i can talk to that will stick around the whole time. Or in another country and i can go shopping while the rally takes place. So in a few weeks I’m going to co-drive with Speedy only because I already made a commitment, but I don’t think i will be tagging along again. I compared it to Haggis going to a scrap booking convention where all of us females are sitting around scrap booking for 12 hours. He said he wouldn’t go. Or, he would go but then he would be bored out of his mind and less than willing to go a second time. Plus i think its good for him to get his guy time away from me and doing something he loves.


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