Riding Dirty

May 1, 2008

Fantastic! I went to get my hair done today because i could not stand the color or the cut anymore. I was pleasantly surprised. I bleached the top of my head as much as i could and then put level 2 black chunks through the rest of my hair and in my bangs. It looks better than it sounds. My appointment was at 1:30 and I’m not getting picked up until 6:30. My appointment was done by 3:30. I took a walk around the town. I went to the coffee shop and it was closed. Bought a book from the charity shop… then wandered around. I saw a sign for the library and i went there (I’m probably going to get lost when i come out, i get turned around here). I am now armed with a library card, 2 hours use of the internet a day and able to check out CDs and DVDs and up to 20 books at a time! I think i just saw my shining light. I am now sitting in the library computer lab with my stomach growling loud enough to wake the dead and a bunch of young youngsters who like to say “Fook off” and give lip to the librarian. Ah, to be young again although i never did that, but whatever.

Last night after i got my many hours on the internet while Haggy was playing in a car, Steve came back and gave me a ride. Well, I have been hearing a lot about this car, and it’s not even the fastest car that he was telling me about. Steve takes me out at 2am, pitch black and starting to sprinkle. We go along the road, Steve speeds up a bit then slows down and I was thinking “Wow, this is what haggis was talking about? it’s not that – holy fuck we are gonna hit that tree”. Steve, i guess, was just prepping me for what he was about to do. I’m staring out the windscreen and suddenly my body is plastered back in its seat and the trees turned into one big blur. We were whipping around corners and good god it was a blast. I broke out into a sweat and then i got the chills and then i broke out into another sweat. My legs turned to rubber and I had the biggest, goofiest smile on my face the whole time. It was a blast. I realized I would suck ass as a co-driver though because I wasn’t able to take my eyes off the road because I was terrified when I couldn’t see. Never mind the fact that Steve knew the roads backwards and forwards and could probably drive them with his eyes closed. I didn’t want to look down for fear of missing the road going past me at a blurring speed. So fun. As i always said, I love to go for rides, I just don’t like the whole bit that goes with it. haha.

Tonight we are heading into Blackpool. Come to find out the ocean is only 23 miles away from here. I have not been yet, but I’m looking forward to getting out. There is a meeting with the motor club or something like that. I just bought a new book so i have something to read OR if it’s still open and not freezing cold I can take a wander. I’m becoming quite the walker lately. Luckily everything i walk to is relatively close so it works out. I’m supposed to go shopping for food in a bit. i still have an hour and a half here… god my stomach is growling. It won’t shut up. So i will end this and go get food. Then go shopping. Or something. At least its sunny so i don’t have to walk in the rain.


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