Train Travelling

May 27, 2008

Today I ventured into Glasgow by myself. I caught a bus at 10:30am that took me into hamiliton and then from there caught the train into the city centre. I was so nervous about going by myself that i almost didn’t go. The tease of shoes was too much for me to resist though. I had no clue where i was though. i’m so turned around here. I think i should be going one way and its really the other way i should be going. I started chit chatting with this lady whom i saw at the bus stop and she wound up taking me to the store i was going to. All this for a pair of shoes. My feet have never been so happy once i put a pair of socks on and closed toe shoes. It was so WINDY and cold there. My god. I had a hood up and the wind was pushing my hood down and my eyes were watering. I was going to take pictures but it was too cold to take my hands out of my pockets. brrrrr. I did some good shopping though. Of course. Story of my life right now! LOL I managed to find my way home too. I got myself turned around when i was in town and had to ask directions to where the train station was. Its a good thing I’m not a male since i have no problems asking complete strangers on the street how to get somewhere. i accidently got off on the wrong train stop though. I was supposed to get off on Hamiliton Centre but i got off on Hamiliton West or something like that. Not too big of a blunder though because i just sat at the train waiting for the next one. I was watching these kids walk by and the boy grabbed his gf and asked her for a quick ‘snog’. it was cute. The bus then dropped me off right in front of the tanning salon. talk about luck! It was already starting to sprinkle by this time and i was no more warmer than in glasgow. i upped my tanning minutes and by the time i came out i was sweating. I barley noticed the cold wind after that one! I had a nice chat with me maw over the past hour or so. I’m now off to bake peanut butter cookies with no flour. they are really good, just really rich. hopefully i can find the recipe on the internet since i forgot. its eggs, pb and sugar or something like that.

Only a few days to go until i’m in sunshine.


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