Kauai’s Botanical Garden

One day while sunning myself on a beach on the south side of Kauai, I happened to look out over the ocean and saw a black wall of clouds moving towards the shore. Usually a bit of rain never hurt anyone, but this wasn’t just a quick shower that was going to pass on over. No, this was a torrential downpour that will even saturate the most waterproof items.

Side note here –  I grew up in Southern California where rain is a fairy tale. I heard about water falling from the sky and flooding towns, but living in the desert during a nasty drought, our rain was mild. I experienced rain in England and Texas, but Kauai rain is in a league of its own. It is constant and heavy. I learned to carry my camera in a plastic zip lock bag inside another zip locked bag because the water just likes to get everywhere. 

As I looked up and saw the storm moving in, I gathered my belongings and ran for cover, along with all the other tourists on the beach. The locals find rain to be a blessing and don’t seem to mind if they get wet. It’s a great attitude to have – but I can not stand the feeling of getting rained on, especially in the humidity. Its just cruel, ya know?

Not wanting to waste a trip down to the south side, I decided to explore my surroundings and found Allerton Garden. Whoa. Can I just say that one more time and perhaps yell it? WHOA. If you want to see some intense beauty and see a bazillion different shades of green, this is the place to check out. Because I had planned a beach day, I only had a few dollars and my drivers license on me and couldn’t take the proper tour. Instead I was able to wander around the self guided tour and check out some strange plants. Some of the leaves were seriously so big that I thought they were fake. Since words do not do this place any justice, check out the photos below.


Lesson of the Day:

A beach day is never just a beach day. Always come prepared for rain, keep your electronics safe in triple waterproof containers, and don’t leave your money and credit cards at home in case you can go on a impromptu trip to a botanical