Stagecoach: Solo Edition

What do you do when you want to go to a 3 day music festival but no one wants to go with you?

Well, you go alone! That is exactly how I wound up going to Stagecoach 2018. When tickets went on sale 7 months before the show, I immediately put myself in a digital line and waited for the clock to turn 10:00 a.m. At the time, I was still in Hawaii and I forgot about the time change and I was two hours behind the times. Luckily, it was in my favor and I was able to slide right in line like I was waiting there the whole time. The one thing that I didn’t realize was that the pre-sale (about an hour or two before tickets actually went on sale) that the camping will sell out right away. No worries, I totally stayed in line and put myself on a payment plan for April.

Life is funny. When I bought the tickets, I didn’t have a plan. No hotel and no one to go with. As April got closer, Hawaii didn’t work out and I moved back to California. I thought for sure that I could find someone to go with me and didn’t even sweat it. A few weeks before I still didn’t have a hotel and no one to go with.


One month before the show I started looking at hotel and camping prices. Camping was a bit sketchy, as I would be alone and I felt too old to go to Base Camp. Luckily I found a hotel in Palm Springs and was able to get a great rate through

On Friday afternoon, I drove the two hours to get to Palm Springs. Checked into the hotel, dumped out all my clothes (I’ve been ordering clothing from city roots in boots for this special occasion!) and put together a cute outfit. The hotel room had a massive patio that overlooked the pool. The sun was just starting to set and looked magnificant dropping below the mountains.


Can I just say… 3 days of non-stop country music is amazing. The festival grounds were set up pretty awesome with a shopping area, food booths, and art installations. I am quite convinced that I walked well over one bazillion miles, but it was totally worth it. I saw almost every band (a headache sent me home early on Saturday night, which means I missed Keith Urban).

All in all, it was a great time. I didn’t get as many pictures as I thought, but it was amazing to be in the desert, surrounded by hundreds of people who all love the same music I do. There is something magical about a festival…


Lesson of the Day:

Do what you want. If you wait for people to go with you, there is a great chance that you’ll never do it.