June 13, 2011

Okay. So we leave late to get to the airport. There is a massive line through security and I get pulled to the side because of my “coin purse”. It is the size of a small make up bag and stuffed to the brim full of coins. I get stopped because it appears to be a hunk of metal. Once he pulls out my change purse and looks at it, he waved me through no problem. I get to the gate and come to find out, we are delayed for 2 and half hours! Its fine and dandy… I was just sitting reading my book, when these three foreigners come up to me and ask if they can have my seat. They look and act surprised when I got up, but if you ask for something, you just may get it. Haha. There were an elderly three some so; I figured it would be the polite thing to do. And it was, but I am resentful that I had to give up my seat when I was really comfortable reading a book. Now I am across the walkway thing, in a different waiting area because I didn’t want to be around anyone. Hence the whole reason about why I was sitting alone. Whatever though. They have their seat and hopefully they will remember the “nice American girl who gave up her seat.” Probably not though. People don’t remember nice things; they only remember the negative things.

Another interesting thing, the place I am sitting in has a flight to Carlsbad. Wtf would anyone fly to Carlsbad? It’s like a 2-hour drive. Unless it is connecting I suppose. LAX I mean, is a connecting flight. It still looks so silly to see Carlsbad when I am in La.

I saw a total babe earlier at the airport. It would be cool if he happened to be going on the same flights as I am. Finally I can talk to a hot guy and not awkward people that I always run into. Still not boarding yet. Man, this is taking forever. Its always a good time waiting in airports. I finished one book, Something Borrowed, and it just reminded me of the whole situation with Jason. I do really well when I am not thinking about it, but the past day and a half I started thinking about him again. I sent all his emails into Spam, so even if he emails me he wouldn’t be able to get me. Well, his yahoo account anyway because I forgot what his Gmail account was and I’m not going to email him what it is so I can turn around and block it. I don’t have his number blocked, but I have forced myself to forget the number. I still remember it but I pretend I don’t have it. It’s a bit easier to go through this shit when I know Jamie is out in Temecula. Hence the reason why I try to stay out of Temecula… plus the base has way hot guys so of course I am going to play down there as often as I can. I’m not avoiding the place since I went out with BJ in Temecula just the other day. I just don’t feel like running into them and dealing with Jason being a bitch. I know he would, that is just his style. Luckily, the weekend they don’t have Austin I am actually out of town so they can finally go out with BJ. I’m sure Jamie has wanted to go out and I know Jason likes to go out. I think it is very funny that Jason will not go out if he knows I am going to be there. Such power he gives me. I may have been dumped, but I still have the power to keep TWO people inside on a Thursday night for fear of running into me. Bwahahahahah. The power is mine. Until they move to Fallbrook that is. I wonder if they will go to the Head. That would be even funnier. And even better than that… once he realizes I have infiltrated his friends and roommate. People can’t help the fact that I am a blast and his other lady friend isn’t able to hang with running into his mistress out and about. That is what you get for going to my town! Stupid Jason.

So stoked to be finally going to Hawaii!!!! I have been saying I was going to go for months, and the timing is perfect. J

I went dancing on Friday night and my legs are still so sore from it. Talk about a workout. And then I went to base and climbed 4 flights of stairs cos Orrin lives on the 4th floor about, way too many times. I should have banging legs and ass once this summer is done and I keep doing what I am doing. J Yay me.

Off to go loiter around the departure gate. We are supposed to leave in 4 minutes and haven’t even boarded yet. Blah.


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