Island Experience Day… lost count of what day this is really supposed to be.

June 18, 2011

Welp. I decided to make Sticky Toffee Pudding and Lemon Bars as a way to say “Thank You” for all the nice stuff Aunt Kathy and Uncle Kent did for me this week. I was talking to Brittany when she mentioned cockroaches in the house. Now, we were already talking about them before and then they went to sleep and next thing I know, a cockroach the size of … a DATE ran across the floor. Scared the living daylights out of me. I kinda feel bad for antagonizing Jason with the dates now. Especially since a live date with legs just ran past me. I decided to clean the kitchen and every time something touched my foot (like water drops that I have been flinging everywhere because I think there is a date sized cockroach climbing up my leg). I was looking for a water stopper for the sink, and I have been watching the live date for awhile now… it was chillaxing under the toe kick. As long as I know where they are… so he was chillin and I look under a few minutes later and he is closer to my foot (EW) and then a few minutes later I check again and he is gone. Awesome. He found a crack and went outside. Ha. So I open the sink again looking for the water stopper and I find it and pick it up and of course it doesn’t fit the sink so I search around some more and look under the sink again and either that fucking live date has moved to exactly where I stuck my hand or there are two live dates running around the kitchen. I don’t exactly want to find out. At all. And now I am sitting in the kitchen, creeped out, thinking there are all sorts of bugs near me, crawling on me… gawd I am creeped out. Luckily though I have a fantabulous tan (whoa, spell check didn’t even pick up fantabulous. That’s awesomtastic. Ha. That word was spell checked.) from the West Side of the Island and its awesome! The waves were strong and as Kenny put it, “There is nothing in between here and China.” Kinda puts the whole “digging to China” in a new perspective.

Apparently … I forgot what I was going to write. Huh. Apparently I am being eaten alive by mosquitos AND THERE IS A LIVE DATE RIGHT ACROSS THE KITCHEN.

I am never going to be able to concentrate. I should go take a shower now. I’m itchy and creeped out. Yuck. I swear if I ever get a chance to make sticky toffee pudding for Jason I will not fuck with him and make the dates move. Bwahahahaha. Wow, that was a lie because I so would. I just want the willies to go away now. And I killed a mosquito who was going to dine on my legs.

Oh, apparently, from what aunt Kathy and uncle Kent have been noticing, I am a hit with the local island boys. They check me out and all sorts! I was just thinking everyone is so nice on the island and they always smile! My naievity shocks me sometimes.


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